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third wave femimism blah blah blah

i still like barbara kruger.

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it’s all about the body

Susie Orbach’s Bodies

below the clouds

Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions

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i’m so confused about tumblr. how is it different than wordpress or blogspot? and why do people say it’s “better”? is it like the twitter of blogs?

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Daedelus— Sundown

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water with lime

San Francisco calling???

good coffee (thanks, San Francisco)


raw granola (ugh, yes…i know)

Balsamic Harissa Mary–“harissa, spicy organic tomato juice, lime juice, Hangar One Straight Vodka and aged balsamic vinegar”

cocktail hour!

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via Africa is a Country

photo via Africa is a Country

2008 was a good year for African music. I don’t mean that in the monumental/ I’m making a bold new statement/ I want to see every white kid in Greenpoint donning couture kente-cloth type of way. I mean it in the “shit, why didn’t I know about this before?” type of way. 2008 was the year in which I stumbled upon older African music styles while simultaneously being exposed to dope new artists emerging from the continent.  In the past 365 days I have been bequeathed with such gems as The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination, nigerian highlife, Blk Jks, and Filosofia Reggae (not really from Africa but reggae from NE Brazil…close enough) And apparently, I’m not the only one who is enjoying the music of this country: the Fader dedicated a whole issue to music from the continent, while NPR has a “best of” list, detailing the top 11 (??) best African album/songs of 2008. Also, let’s not forget the appropriately titled blog Awesome Tapes from Africa, which features…awesome tapes from Africa.

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sp room view

sao paulo, jan 2008

sure do miss that place